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  • Upcoming 8th Grade Events
    • June 8th -Virtual “RISE” Ceremony.  Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and current restrictions in place, we are unable to hold the JRMS RISE Ceremony on Monday June 8th at 6 pm at Varina High School. However, we are celebrating our 8th graders completing their middle school careers and recognizing them for their academic achievements virtually through a RISE video. The link to the RISE video will be posted to the school website and our social media platforms from Monday June 8th at 6 pm to Monday June 15th at 6 pm.All you need to do is go to the JRMS website or social media page, click on the link, and watch the RISE Ceremony video. All students will be recognized in the video if we received permission from you prior to teachers making videos. This includes students that need to go to summer school in order to move onto high school.
    • June 9th– 8th Grade Parade!   We are excited to announce that we have one more event planned for our 8th graders.  This will be an opportunity for our staff and students to say goodbye to one another as we would have done if school was in session.  This event is our 8th Grade End of the Year Parade (RISE PARADE).  The date for the event is Tuesday, June 9.  It will take place from 6 pm to 6:30 pm.

Due to the need to “socially distance”, we will be using Rolfe and Varina’s campuses.  The parade will start at the bus ramp of Varina HS and end at JRMS.  We are asking parents to start lining up at Varina HS (at the bus ramp) by 5:45 pm.  Because of the need for “social distancing”, students/parents must remain in the car during this event.  Please contact Mr. Nathan Harris at  with any questions you may have.  We are looking forward to this opportunity to say goodbye, congratulations and wishing you the best in high school, to our 8th graders.

  • 8th Grade RISE Parade Highlights – Parents/students must stay in their car. Parents should drive slowly and safely in parking areas.  See our websites, teachers’ Schoology pages, and our social media site for additional information.
    • Tuesday, June 9th (June 11th is the Rain Date)
    • Meet at Varina High Bus Ramp
    • Riding Pathway ends at John Rolfe
    • Feel free to sport your John Rolfe Gear, John Rolfe Colors, or dress to impress.  It is your time to shine so the spotlight will be on you and your decorated ride!
  • A Call to Action Community Conversation. Last week Dr. Cashwell forwarded an invitation to join in the conversation.  No registration is required.
    • Community Conversations: A Call to Action.
    • When: June 8 from 6-7 p.m.
    • How to attend: For details and information about how to easily join the virtual discussion using Google Meet, go to and look under “Hot Topics” or go to our Family Learning Series page at

The discussion will be moderated by Adrienne Cole Johnson, director of HCPS’ Department of Family and Community Engagement. For questions, email or call 804-652-3787.

  • Yearbook Update:
    •  I appreciate your patience as we have had to significantly adjust our production expectations. Yearbooks will ship the week of August 1st. Once they come in, we are planning a socially distanced distribution.
    • 8th-grade parents, please contact Mrs. James at your earliest convenience.
  • Student Pickup Follow-up: June 3rd– 5th was the designated time for student pickup.  We are aware that some of our families may have challenges with transportation during this time. 
    • Please stay tuned as we develop a way to coordinate the collection of remaining as well as lost and found items.  Social distancing and safety protocols will be followed.   You will need to know your child’s First Period Teacher’s name for unclaimed items.
    • Library books can be dropped off at any HCPS School.
    • As there are several Distance Learning Opportunities, we will not collect student laptops unless you have moved
  • Save the Date:
    • June 8th – JRMS Virtual RISE Ceremony.
    • June 9th – 8th Grade Parade.  Instead of walking across the stage, students will participate in an 8th Grade Parade to celebrate their transition to high school

HCPS Season 3 “Early Release” 

  • May 6 – June 12 we are still in Timeslot 3 of EdFlix.
    • Click on the link above and go the Middle School (MS)
    • New Learning for MS Students in Credit-Bearing Courses
      Middle School students currently enrolled in a high-school credit-bearing course will engage in required

      • New learning experiences will include essential missing content that would have been taught after March 13, 2020.  This content will not be graded, however, there will be a denotation on the transcript that will be removed upon completion of the missing content/new learning modules.
      • Students who are unable to complete the modules during this window will have another opportunity in the 2020-21 school year.  Students enrolled in a course with an associated verified credit (e.g., related SOL) who need the associated verified credit to meet graduation requirements and have received the standard credit will be awarded a Locally Awarded Verified Credit (LAVC).
      • Please continue to monitor EdFlix and HCPS Website for updates and announcements.

Please also take some time to review the options under consideration for September 2020 (Start of the 2020-21 school year) Here in Henrico, five options currently under consideration for the 2020-21 school year are:

  • Option A: On-campus learning. All students would be back on campus, with new safety measures in place.
  • Option B: Remote learning that is structured and enhanced. In this option, all students would participate in required daily remote-learning experiences that include graded schoolwork. While our March closure necessitated emergency distance-learning measures, this option would more closely resemble the more traditional elements of a typical school day.
  • Option C: Interrupted on-campus learning. All students would be back on campus for several weeks or months at a time, which could be interrupted by periods of structured remote learning in response to health concerns that may arise.
  • Option D: Hybrid learning. One portion of the student body would attend classes on campus for a period of time, while another portion would learn remotely. The two groups might switch after a number of months, or alternate days on campus to build a blended learning environment. Having fewer students on campus would make it easier to implement distancing guidelines.
  • Option E: Parallel learning. Part of the student body would attend all classes on campus while another group would learn remotely for the entire school year because of choice or necessity. This option would not involve students alternating days unless a student needs to shift from one track to the other.