Principal’s Message: Week of October 4th

Greetings John Rolfe Family,


This is Mrs. George, proud principal of John Rolfe Middle School with an important message for the upcoming week.  I hope this message finds your family safe and well!


Parents and guardians:

  • Return to Learn Questionnaire/Survey: This email is to inform you of an upcoming questionnaire/survey that HCPS will be sending to gather information regarding the safe return of students to all HCPS school buildings.  The survey is intended to be available Monday, October 5th.  We cannot express how important it is for ALL our families to be included in this survey.  This survey will be open until Friday, October 9th, which means this is a quick turnaround. The information that is gathered through the survey will be used to provide the School Board with a recommendation at the October 22nd School Board meeting.  If you want more information regarding the HCPS Health plans, please use this Henrico Schools Health Update link to get more information.  Again, this is not something to push off until later John Rolfe Family. We NEED to be included in this survey!  Please take the opportunity to share your voice!


Also, please take a moment to check your access to the ParentPortal.  If you do NOT have a ParentPortal account please use this Henrico Schools help website for more information. If you are unsure of how to access forms in RYCOR, please use this RYCOR direction video to get help.


  • Interim Grading Period – We are currently entering our 5th week of school and closing in on the interim grading period.  Please remember to visit teacher Schoology pages and review lesson overviews, student learning targets, and objectives.
  • As a team and family, our focus is to develop life-ready thinkers.  We believe the honoring our legacy provides a future of successWe will continue to promote positive behaviors as we continue our campus-wide expectations.  Our JRMS Team will be…
    • * Respectful
    • *Responsible
    • *Ready and
    • *Safe.
  • Three important questions you can ask your child every day for each class are:
    • What are you learning?
    • Why are you learning that?
    • How do you know if you really “got it”?

These clarity questions will help you know what your child knows and where s/he needs to grow.  Remember to ask these questions for every learning experience.  Thank you!

  • Oct. 5th – Monday is a Day 1.


PTA News:

  • If you have not joined the JRMS PTA, there is still time!  Please contact   for details.
  • We need you. Take a moment to reach out to the board about assuming a position for the upcoming year! Thank you to those who have reached out and answered the call. And to those who haven’t, there is plenty of room at the table.  Please join us!

Email us at

I invite you to look through the Rolfe website for important notices and updates. Navigate through our links to student resources, teachers’ blogs and webpages, as well as additional details and notices of upcoming events.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at 804.226.8730 or if I can be of assistance. I consider it a privilege to have your child at John Rolfe.

John Rolfe Middle School will continue our pursuit of educational excellence and rise to our full potential for success. Students please have a restful evening and remember tomorrow, “WE” continue our quest for success as one team, one voice, and one family!

                                                                                ~Good Night, stay healthy, and be safe!

                                                                                            We are Rolfe Strong!

The harder they pull us back, the further we rise!

This week and Beyond:

  • Oct. 12 – Day 1