Great Kindness Challenge

Hello JRMS Family,

The Great Kindness Challenge starts on January 25th,2021 and will occur throughout January 29th. This is a national initiative that we will celebrate and participate in as a school. There will be different kindness acts that students and staff can do daily. Also, please take a look at our daily kindness themes listed below.

Please encourage your student to participate. We look forward to celebrating a culture of kindness together!

Monday: Kindness  

Dress in Blue (Blue Crewmate): Kindness is AMONG US-Show that we are all crewmates and that none of us are imposters when it comes to kindness.

Kindness Act: #KindnessMatters. Put your best forward by showing kindness all day. Go to the hashtag on IG to show support for our kindness cause. Let’s be trendsetters and make it a trend!


Tuesday: Respect

Wear your shirt backwards: Words that hurt can’t be taken back.

Kindness Act:  Use kind words today by complimenting others. In every class and/or meeting you attend, compliment or say one kind thing about at least one person. If you notice that everyone is choosing the same person, try to pick someone else. Let’s make everyone feel included!


Wednesday: Diversity

Kindness Rocks: Dress as a positive influential character from a book, movie, game, or as a star celebrity who inspires you.

Kindness Act: Find an article, poem, quote, or a positive story in the media about a celebrity who has done something positive for the community recently. Share it with someone else. Spread kindness and positive media.


Thursday: Inclusion/Leadership  

Nothing Beats Kindness/ Team Kindness: Wear your favorite sports uniform or gear; this can include a hat.

Kindness Act: Be a good sport today, encourage and uplift others through words of affirmation. Be encouraging to someone today and/or include someone who is left out of something.


Friday: Connection/Sense of Belonging 

Kind Culture: Do it for the culture: Wear your JRMS gear or school colors to show school spirit and representation of a culture of kindness.

Kindness Act:  Write about a staff member who helps you stay connected at JRMS in a positive way. Your letter will be shared with the staff member and you will receive a positive referral (tribe ticket) for your kind act.