Half Day Schedule for Friday, March 11th

Tomorrow Friday, March 12th is a half-day and students will dismiss from school at 11:30 am.  Below is the schedule that you should also find posted to individual teacher’s Schoology Pages.

March 12thFriday is a Day 2



Friday, March 12 BELL SCHEDULE – Please plan accordingly

No Advisory

Period 5            8:30- 9:10

Period 6            9:13-9:53

Period 7            9:56-10:36

Period 8            10:39 -11:30 *

(Includes grab n go lunch. Based on the teacher’s schedule)

Dismissal         11:30

If you are picking up a student for an early dismissal on a Half-Day, you must do so before 11:15 am. Otherwise, students will be dismissed by their typical mode of dismissal to ensure safety.

*Due to the half-day, lunch will also be adjusted.   In-person student scholars will continue to participate in the grab-and-go lunch process.  I also suggest our virtual student scholars have a snack (or prepared lunch item) at that time and enjoy a full lunch after 11:30 am.


Reminder: Return to Learn Health forms/COVID Screening forms are due prior to any student returning to the building.  You may complete it online or contact the school for a copy of the forms.  HCPS-COVID-19-Health-Screening-Acknowledgement-for-Students.   Please fill out both pages. Page 2 is for you to keep at home, page 1 should be turned into the office prior to the student’s arrival.