Principal’s Message: Week of March 16th

Greetings Rolfe Family,

This is Mrs. George, proud principal of John Rolfe Middle School, with a few reminders and important notices for the week!  I am happy to announce we will continue with Full Parallel Hybrid Learning for all student scholars who selected this option. It has been wonderful to see our students virtually and in in-person learning throughout the day! Thank you parents for following the safety measures to keep our students, staff, and larger JRMS Family safe!

Parents and guardians: Return to Learn Health forms/COVID Screening forms are due prior to any student returning to the building.  You may complete it online or contact the school for a copy of the forms.

  • March 14th – Remember to set your clocks.  Time Springs forward. This may impact students, so ensure students get plenty of rest before starting a new week!
  • Attendance is taken in the learning environment in which the student is assigned. Those students with confirmed In-person assignments must attend school (face to face) in order to be marked present and those students with Virtual learning assignments will follow the attendance practice for virtual learning that is already in practice. Per HCPS protocol students listed in-person and Virtual learning must remain with their selected schedule.
  • All students are required to complete the  HCPS-COVID-19-Health-Screening-Acknowledgement-for-Students.   Please fill out both pages. Page 2 is for you to keep at home, page 1 should be turned into the office prior to the student’s arrival.
  • The JRMS-Full Parallel Hybrid Day Schedule begins tomorrow- Click here to see our   Daily Bell Schedule as we return to school for Full Parallel Hybrid Learning.  Our lunch period will occur during the 3rd and 7th periods.  Please check with your child’s teacher to determine his/her specific lunchtime.
    • Day 1 – Mondays and Thursdays
    • Day 2 – Tuesdays and Fridays
    • Wednesdays – Asynchronous after the 8:30-9:00 am Advisory period
  • Save the Date:  Friday, April 2, 2021, is a Half-Day.  We will follow the same schedule as before for half-days.  Please see the attached schedule below.
  • Half-Day BELL SCHEDULE – Please plan accordingly
    • No Advisory
    • Period 5            8:30- 9:10
    • Period 6            9:13-9:53
    • Period 7            9:56-10:36
    • Period 8            10:39 -11:30 * (Includes grab n go lunch. Based on the teacher’s schedule)
    • Dismissal         11:30
  • If you are picking up a student for an early dismissal on a Half-Day, you must do so before 11:15 am. Otherwise, students will be dismissed by their typical mode of dismissal to ensure safety.
  • *Due to the half-day, lunch will also be adjusted.   In-person students will continue to participate in the grab-and-go lunch process.  I also suggest our virtual student scholars have a snack (or prepared lunch item) at that time and enjoy a full lunch after 11:30 am.

Below are a few reminders:

  • Masks are required and must be worn appropriately on students’ faces.  Gators and bandannas should not be worn.
  • Students should practice keeping masks on for longer times throughout the day. While at school, masks must be kept on for a longer period of time than those to which students may be accustomed.
    • Immunizations and Health History Forms: – There are several forms that are required prior to returning to school.
    •  Use this link to access all Health Forms    Questions for the Nurse? Click Here!

Nurse Contact info:

804-226-8730 *press 2 for clinic

Fax number 804-236-5764 attn school nurse

  • Positions Available: We are still looking to hire a Classroom Monitor, an additional Clinic Attendant, Instructional Assistant, and Part-time Custodian.   If you are interested in either position or highly recommend someone, please go to the HCPS website to apply online.   All applicants must meet the criteria list online by our HR department to be considered.
  • As a team and family, our focus is to develop life-ready thinkers. We believe honoring our legacy provides a future of success.  We will continue to celebrate students for positive behaviors as we continue our campus-wide expectations. Our JRMS Team will…*be Respectful *be Responsible *Ready and *be Safe. We are excited to recognize our students for exhibiting the positives!
    • Student Scholars…
      • #ShowUp!
        • You Matter!  Others may share similar experiences with you, but there is only one of you.  Bring your best to the table when sharing information with others.  Your opinion and voice matter!
        • The Choice is yours!  Remember each day presents new opportunities for you to be great!

I invite you to visit our website for important notices and updates. Navigate through our links to student resources, teachers’ blogs and webpages, as well as additional details and notices of upcoming events.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at 804.226.8730 or if I can be of assistance. I consider it a privilege to have your child at John Rolfe.

John Rolfe Middle School will continue our pursuit of educational excellence and rise to our full potential for success. Students please have a restful evening and remember tomorrow, “We” continue our quest for success as one team, one voice, and one family.

We are Rolfe Strong!

The harder they pull us back, the further we rise!

Next week and Beyond:

  • April 2nd – Half Day: 11:30 am dismissal

Variance Request

The deadline for middle school students is April 15, 2021. The high school (grades 8-11) deadline for submitting a variance request is February 15th and the elementary and middle (K – 7th) school deadline is April 15th. The 8th-grade deadline is aligned with high school since those students will be moving to high school for the 2021-2022 school year.