PBIS- Positive Behaviors Interventions and Supports

A message from Mr. Thrower, John Rolfe’s PBIS administrator. 

You may be asking, what is PBIS? It stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.  PBIS is our school-wide expectations that students are expected to know and adhere to.  We use PBIS, to teach the expected school-wide expectations, gather data to make decisions that will help the school’s culture and to reward students for meeting our expectations. 

Our school-wide expectations are: Respectful, Responsible and Safe.  Our school-wide expectations are posted throughout the school in classrooms, hallways, the cafeteria, restrooms and leading out to the buses.  We remind students of these expectations regularly.  We want students to always be RESPECTFUL towards adults and each other.  We need students to follow directions the first time given to minimize classroom disruptions.  We want students to be RESPONSIBLE by coming to class on time, sitting down when they enter the classroom and to complete their assignments on time. Lastly, students must maintain SAFE practices while in school.  Students are happy to be in school, which we applaud.  However, we cannot allow students to horse play and run in the hallways.  Horse playing has led to physical altercations and broken windows which do not coincide with our school-wide expectations.  We understand that students will not always get along.  We expect students to inform the adults in the building when they are having a conflict with other students instead of taking matters in their own hands by physically pushing or hitting each other.  We want to keep all students safe; therefore, we need everyone to keep their hands to themselves. 

Students received positive referrals also known as Jag Bucks when they meet our school-wide expectations.  Students can then redeem their Jag Bucks in the Jag Store that opens weekly on Thursdays.  We are truly excited to say that as of today, students have received over 2,000 positive referrals since the first week of school.  We schedule monthly and quarterly PBIS celebrations to reward students.  We also have our Escape Room coming soon.  John Rolfe was awarded a $10,000 grant by the Henrico Educational Foundation to provide incentives, games, and amazing things that students can enjoy in school just by being a positive student and consistently meeting our school-wide expectations. 

Our school culture is positively changing!  To continue our progression, we need your help in emphasizing our school-wide expectations at home. Here is the link of our school-wide expectation posters for the various areas in school.

 I appreciate your attention to helping the school reiterate our school-wide expectations at home.